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Super Hits: Astitva, Kaydyacha Bola, Maza Pati Karodpati, Hamaal De Dhamaal, Tu Tithe Me, Navri Mili Navryala, Jau Tithe Khau, Lalbaug Parel, Premachi Goshta, Mangalashtak Once More

National & State Award Winners: Astitva, Gabricha Paus, Dahavi Fa, Devrai, Bhet, Ghara Baher, Uttarayan, Devki, Kalat Nakalat, Sawat Mazi Laadki, Chaukhat Raja, Bioscope, Picasso

Classic Drama’s: 'Sakharam Binder’, 'Shantata Court Chalu Aahe', ‘Soor Rahu De’, ‘Pratikar’

Popular Dramas: ‘Jadoo Teri Nazar’, ‘Char Diwas Premache’, ‘Rashichakra’, ‘Jawai Maza Bhala’

  • Synopsis

    Uncle Tak opens a clinic "Po Chi Lam" in the U.S., where he also teaches martial arts. A traitor Johnny comes to challenge and Uncle Tak is seriously injured. Luckily On-na saves him. Uncle Tak's first apprentice Kit comes visiting Uncle Tak in the U.S. When he arrives "Po Chi Lam", he meets a bank clerk, May. He then knows his master is missing. Luckily, On-na appears on time and Kit is able to see his master again. Because of his master, Kit decides to stay for the time being. Johnny runs wild wantonly and the police do not know how to deal with him. Kit re-opens "Po Chi Lam". Johnny comes to pick fight again. When they are fighting fiercely, the police arrive and Johnny flees. Kit packs his stuff and plans to leave. On the way to the airport, he discovers that he has left the passport. He returns to "Po Chi Lam" at once. He finds Uncle Tak's message and he senses something has gone wrong. It turns out that Johnny has taken On-na hostage and he wants to challenge Kit and his master again. Uncle Tak has just recovered, and he is unable to stand the strain any longer. At the critical moment, Kit arrives. He fights with Johnny fiercely. At last, Johnny falls down the building and dies. For his master's sake, Kit decides to stay and live in the U.S.

  • Synopsis

    Jackie Chan stars as the girl-chasing private detective Ryo Saeba in this hilarious live-action adaptation of the popular Japanese manga series, City Hunter. Hired to track down the runaway daughter of a publishing tycoon, Ryo ends up on a luxury cruise ship hijacked by terrorists. With the help from his jealous assistant Carrie (Joey Wang), undercover agent Saeko (Chingmy Yau) and gambler Gundam (Leon Lai), Ryo must foil the nefarious plot.

  • Synopsis

    Police Story 3 is another adrenaline-pumping, action-packed tour de force from Jackie Chan and director Stanley Tong.

    In this third installment, Chan reprises his role as maverick detective Chan Ka-Kui. He is recruited by Interpol to infiltrate the operations of a drug lord. He teams up with Michelle Yeoh, who plays a tough butt-kicking mainland Chinese cop. Together, the pair are forced to survive with their wits, courage and skills during the most dangerous mission of their careers.

    Featuring a perfect mix of death-defying stunts, fluid modern style martial arts sequences and a healthy dose of Chan’s trademark comedic flair, Police Story 3 has been hailed as the perfect action comedy flick. Don’t miss out on this to round up the superb Police Story trilogy!

  • Synopsis

    Even bigger and better, Hong Kong auteur Tsui Hark manages to better the already superb Once Upon A Time In China with this stunning sequel that will leave viewers yearning for more.

    Jet Li (Lethal Weapon 4, Romeo Must Die) reprises his role as kung fu master Huang Fei Hong) who arrives in Canton for a medical convention but gets embroiled in a crackdown by palace officials on the revolutionary gang.

    Later, Huang meets revolutionary leader Sun Yat Sen (Zhang Tie Lin) and Luke (John Chiang) and is dragged into the dispute when his new friends are mistakenly arrested by the military. He tries to spring them free and sets himself up for a bloody showdown with Commander Lan (Donnie Yen, Blade 2).

    Yuen Wo Ping (Iron Monkey, The Matrix) outdoes himself with the astounding choreography featured here. Definitely one for the collection!

  • Synopsis

    Once Upon A Time In China is the film that defined Jet Li (Lethal Weapon 4, Romeo Must Die) as an action star destined for the international stage. His definitive kung fu and the vivid imagery of Tsui Hark (Peking Opera Blues, Swordsman II) make this a true classic of the genre.

    A more contemporary take on the evergreen tale of wise kung-fu master and purveyor of justice Huang Fei Hong (Jet Li), OUATIC is set in 1875 China when hostilities between the Chinese and the invading foreigners are simmering to a boil. Huang and his disciples take on the unscrupulous dealers who are trying to entice gullible Chinese into slavery in America and save his Aunt Yee (Rosamund Kwan) who is in danger of being shipped off to be a prostitute.

    Tsui Hark raises the bar on martial arts epics with OUATIC via imaginative technology and thrilling choreography. This created successful sequels – don’t be caught without this classic!

  • Synopsis

    Jackie Chan reprises his role as the famous adventurer Condor, who is commissioned by the United Nations in search of lost gold hidden by the Nazis during World War II. He teams up with Ada (Do Do Cheng), an expert on the desert and Elsa, the granddaughter of the aide who hid the gold 40 years ago. The three of them go on a roller coaster ride through the Sahara Desert as they battle local bandits and mercenaries.

  • Synopsis

    Police Story 2 picks up where the first one left off and Jackie Chan reenacts his role as the unsung, intrepid cop, Chan Ka-Kui.

    Despite his one-man effort in nabbing the bad guys in the first film, all Ka-Kui earns is a humiliating demotion to traffic duty, not to mention constant harassment from the vengeful mobster he puts out of business. He decides to take a vacation with his girlfriend May (by Maggie Cheung). However, when terrorists threaten Hong Kong, he has to abort his vacation plans and track down the suspects. During the process, May becomes their kidnap target. Ka-Kui confronts his adversaries to save his girl - and the day.

    Police Story 2 gives the audience top-notch stunt works, intricate fight scenes, and a touch of comedy here and there. Again, Chan is magic on the screen. Another gem for Hong Kong cinephiles and action lovers addicted to Chan’s charm and screen gymnastics.

  • Synopsis

    Jackie Chan at his action-packed best! Picking up where the classic Project A left off, Project A Part II is a period-piece epic adventure pitting Chan against seemingly unstoppable forces as he uses his incredible combat skills and his inimitable flair for physical comedy.

    Chan reprises his role as Dragon Ma, this time confronting vicious gangs, vengeful pirates, corrupt police, and a ruthless Manchurian agent who is targeting a band of beautiful revolutionaries (led by In The Mood For Love’s Maggie Cheung!).

    The action sequences are at once thrilling and hilarious. Chan battles pirates while handcuffed to his rival, who tries to thwart him at every turn! Cheung hides several sets of adversaries from each other in a visual farce worthy of the Marx Brothers.

    Project A Part II ranks among Jackie Chan's finest works -- a true landmark of Hong Kong action, and a sequel that outsoars the original!

  • Synopsis

    Jackie Chan portrays "The Asian Hawk", an ordinary man caught up in an extraordinary adventure: when his best friend (Alan Tam)’s girlfriend (Rosamund Kwan) is kidnapped, he forced to help track down the mysterious, legendary Armour Of God. His breathtaking quest leads him into danger all across Europe, where he is forced into the ultimate confrontation against a circle of drug-running terrorists, disguising themselves as monks!

    Will he be able to stop them and save his girlfriend?

  • Synopsis

    Considered a Hong Kong classic, Police Story marks Jackie Chan’s initial foray into the big-time, stunt-filled action movies that become his trademark.

    Chan plays a honest, self-effacing cop Chan Ka-Kui assigned to protect Salina, whose key testimony could bring down drug baron Chu. However, the witness manages to get away from Ka-Kui. With no evidence against him, Chu is set free. Chu goes on a vendetta to frame Ka-Kui for a murder. Ka-Kui goes on the run and, with time running out, must quickly find and save Salina from being killed, as well as prove his own innocence.

    Police Story has been acclaimed for its amazing stunt works. There's plenty of action and physical comedy. The movie shows off Chan’s generous comic persona to the fullest. For Jackie Chan fans, this is not only a must-see but also a must-have collectible.

  • Synopsis

    This third installment in the popular "Lucky Stars" series -- directed bySammo Hung-- finds Muscles (Jackie Chan), Kidstuff (Hung), Fung (Yuen Biao), and the gang taking a well-needed vacation in Thailand courtesy of the Hong Kong police department. Also on the trip is police inspector Woo (Sibelle Hu Hui-chang) on orders to track down a list of drug dealers from informant Ma (Melvin Wong Kam-sun). Unfortunately, Ma gets whacked by a Thai crime lord, but he tells Woo as he draws his last breath that he mailed the list to his friend in Hong Kong. Meanwhile, Muscles and the gang are shaking down Lau (James Tien Chun), a drug dealer who, it turns out, is being targeted by the same baddies that killed Ma.

  • Synopsis

    Hong Kong’s crack policeman Jackie Chan and his assistant Yuen Biao have been given the toughest assignment of the year to locate and arrest the notorious Lin. The trail leads to Japan so we find Jackie and Yuen Biao wandering all over Tokyo.

    The almost made the arrest in a crowed downtown spot had not Japan’s crime boss Matsumoto come to Lin’s aid. Toward the end, Yuen Biao is captured by Matsumoto and Lin. Jackie is left stranded in Japan.

    Jackie in desperation has to turn to his orphanage cohorts for help. He cables his superior officer Tsao asking him to find and send over Kidstuff, Herb, Roundhead, Sandy and Rawhide.

    Kidstuff (Samo Hung) is happily serving out a sentence. He has to be tricked into jail-breaking before he agrees to help Jackie. Kidstuff soon rounds up the others.

    Police assign Inspector Woo (Hu Hui-chung) to be with the group. Inspector Woo happens to be the best looking officer this side of the Pacific. She is immediately pampered by the five big boys. She tells them that they are going to Tokyo to infiltrateMatsumoto’s underworld.

    So the five get to Matsumoto’s gaming rooms.Matsumo agrees to see them and Kidstuff tells a long story. He promises Matsumoto half of his “loot” in exchange for asylum in Japan.

    Matsumoto consents to the deal but holds the others as hostages while Kidstuff is getting the “loot.” Jackie by arrangement joins Kidstuff and the two storm the Mattsumoto empire.

    Yuen Biao gets his freedom.

    Jackie gets his men.

    And Kidstuff would like to think he gets the girl.

  • Synopsis

    Jackie Chan starred, directed, and choreographed this amazing masterpiece, against which all his other works have been compared.

    Set in early 1900's China, Project A involves the government's Marine Forces failed attempts to stopping a band of pirate-smugglers led by the evil Lo. After being forced to resign, Dragon Ma becomes frustrated over the Marines' inability to protect the innocent from the pirates. Determined to stop them himself, he teams up with an old buddy (international sensation Sammo Hung!) and a former rival - the local police officer (Yuen Biao) against whom Dragon squared off in a barroom brawl, and who got Dragon kicked out of the Marine Force.

    Together the three declare war on Lo and his band of pirate cutthroats!

    The action sequences are magnificent, featuring a mind-blowing acrobatic bar fight, a spectacular bicycle chase, and an aquatic battle finale that must be seen to be believed.

    Project A is Jackie Chan at his best. A must-see!

  • Synopsis

    The five, including Teapot, formed a cleaning company after their release from prison. Crack C.I.D. detective Jackie Chan was after a counterfeit ring. He was on the point of busting it when the printing plates get robbed and lost, only to end up by accident in the five's van. The counterfeit ring would stop at nothing to get the plates back and have the five killed. Another rival gang is interested in the plates as well. The five now have to deal with the killers from both gangs...

  • Synopsis

    Jackie plays Ching Lung, who is separated from his brother Tung (Austin Wai) when they were both very young. The brothers are reunited after their father is murdered by the cruel Heaven and Earth Devils. With Lung’s outstanding kung fu and Tung’s knack for machinery and setting traps, the brothers pool their talent to fight Heaven and Earth to avenge their father’s death.

  • Synopsis

    Dragon (Jackie Chan) and Bull (Mars) are childhood friends who spend most of their free time chasing after local girls in general and spying on one in particular who catches their eyes.

    A gang in the nearby dwelling is smuggling precious Chinese artifacts to westerners. Hoi (Chan Wai-man) is a reluctant party to the scheme and when he voiced his objection, the Big Boss sent his henchmen after him to keep him quiet. When the mischievous duo came across Hoi, who was hiding in their village, they take on the gang to protect the artifacts.

  • Synopsis

    Feast your eyes with a mind-blowing display of modern Wing Chun and Jeet Kune Do from martial arts legend Bruce Lee. In this dark tale of revenge, Lee plays Lee Chun-keung whose best friend Jim Koo (Wong Ching-li) died of a sudden illness. But suspicion of foul play arises when a gang tries to steal Koo’s coffin at the funeral using a helicopter. When Lee’s younger brother Chun-kwok (Tong Lung) hears about the incident, he leaves his Buddhist master (Roy Chiao) to investigate the truth. His trail soon leads him to the Castle of Death, the last place Jim Koo was seen alive. There, he meets and befriends an unlikely ally - a cruel and merciless martial arts expert (Roy Horan) who is a also the tower’s master. But when he dies under mysterious circumstances, Lee ends up duelling with someone he least expected.

  • Synopsis

  • Synopsis

    Hong Kong Legends unearth a wonderfully bizarre Jackie Chan classic and apply the Ultra-Bit treatment to show it off like never before!

    This time we join Jackie with his head in a book and some helpful ghostly kung fu teachers! Believe it or not that spells action scenes aplenty as Jackie needs a manual which has been stolen from his temple in order to combat the ‘7Fists’. In the wrong hands this knowledge could spell disaster so it’s up to Jackie to track down the traitor and counter the deadly fight moves that the book has endowed upon the thief.

    This early Jackie Chan gem lets him play the type of bumbling student role he perfected in Drucken Master and Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow to great effect. Cue a raft of amusing fight scenes under the direction of Lo Wei (Fist of Fury) and you’ve got quality armchair comic action viewing that’s not to be missed!

  • Synopsis

    After Chen Zhen has been killed by the Japanese in Fist Of Fury, his fiancee and some of his friends flee to Taiwan. Taiwan is also under Japanese occupation, however, and they soon learn that the Taiwanese are getting just as rough a deal as they were in Shanghai. Jackie Chan plays a Taiwanese boy that hates the Japanese. He's head strong and courageous, but refuses to learn Kung Fu, despite Nora Miao's best attempts to change his mind. Eventually he snaps though, and signs up to New JingwuMun - where he inexplicably becomes their most accomplished fighter in a few days. Nora is so impressed, she agrees to teach him Chen Zhen's secret style - The Fist Of Fury.

  • Synopsis

    A young Hong Kong man, Tang Lung arrives at Rome to help a friend of his family, a girl called Chen Ching-hua. She has been threatened by local gangsters who want to takeover her restaurant. Soon after Tang’s arrival, the gangsters appear at the restaurant and force Chen to sign over the deed. They laugh at the Chinese style of fighting. Angry Tang challenges and defeats them in an excellent show of his fighting skills. The mastermind of the gang orders Tang’s assassination. When this fails, the gang leader hires an international Karate champion form the United States in a last attempt to kill Tang. Tang meets the American in a coliseum and they fight like gladiators to the death.

  • Synopsis

    During the late Ching Dynasty of China, the head of Guangdong province’s militia WONG FEI-HUNG (Jet Li) set up a kungfu institute and a medical clinic named “Bo Chi Lam” in Guangzhou to cure patients and to help the weak, with a mission to advocate the spirit of Chinese martial arts. SO, a disciple of WONG, opened a “Bo Chi Lam” branch in the China Town of San Francisco, aiming to further promote Chinese martial arts overseas.

    WONG decided to take up a trip to San Francisco to see how his American branch was doing, as well as to visit SO. WONG went with SISTER 13 and disciple CHE.

    The trio had an accident upon arrival at the U.S. While trying to rescue SISTER 13, WONG fell into a deep valley. He subsequently lost his memory. Fortunately, he was saved by an aboriginal tribe called the EAGLE, and thereafter lived with them leading a nomad’s life.

    SISTER 13, CHE, and SO were desperate in search of their master, but in vain. Instead, they came across a selfish and dictatorial MAYOR of a small town in the Western area. They witnessed that the tyrant treated many Chinese labors. But since their priority is to find master WONG, they dared not rush into any action.

    On one occasion, during a combat between the EAGLE and the devilish RED HAIR tribe, WONG retrieved his memory. He demonstrated his excellent Chinese kung-fu to the aborigines. Moreover, he used his kungfu to help defeat the RED HAIR and became the hero of the aborigines. With his memory back, WONG decided to leave the Indians reservation and to go to town to meet up with SISTER 13 and other folks.

    While waiting for SISTER 13 and others, WONG saw the brutal Mexicans bandit WONDER SEVEN coming to rob the town. What’s worse, the greedy and coward MAYOR surrendered and betrayed his people. Seeing his Chinese comrades being suppressed, WONG decided to give his helping hand by using Chinese kungfu to fight off western gunman. He won. Consequently, he established himself as a respected kungfu master and gained recognition for Chinese martial arts in the West.

  • Synopsis

    Jet Li stars in this futuristic techno-action thriller based on a popular Hong Kong comic book.

    Li was part of “Squad 701”, a team of professional killers known as Black Mask, who do not feel pain or emotions. When the team was “exterminated” by the government after they discovered that some squad members are still capable of feelings, Li goes into hiding as a librarian. However, when another member of the Squad begins killing every major drug market, Li has to don the identity of Black Mask once again......

  • Synopsis

    Legend had it that the "High Priest Tang" successfully reached the "World of Eternity" and obtained the "Scripture with No Words". The Scripture possessed the power to change the world. Over the years, various people claimed they found it and then lost it. Eventually, the Scripture became untraceable.

    In the early 20th century, the Scripture was rumoured to have surfaced again. The Chinese Government assigned archeology professor Wai and his assistant Pao to go after the Scripture, thus avoiding it getting into the hands of the Japanese, who were also searching for the book. The map to the whereabouts of the Scripture was actually carved on the wooden box in which the Scripture was once housed.

    It was widely believed that a gangster Dune has the box. And before Dune disappeared, he wrote his wife and the letter was in the possession of the Japanese. In fact, in the Japanese Consulate's residence.

    A full chase unfolded with Wai, on evidence of the letter obtained, tracing the box to the "Ching Yee Daily News". The Editor-In-Chief was actually the son of Dune, who managed a newspaper as a disguise to his true identity.

    The Japanese top agent was a lady "Yu Fung" who over the course of the persuit, met Wai and developed a "liking" for the handsome Chinese.

    The Japanese teamed up with the big gangster boss "Ngai" to search for the box. The box was recovered and "Ngai" opened the box which emitted a strong light thus disfiguring "Ngai" turning him into a powerful monster like creature.

    At the end of the chase everyone ended up at the great wall. During the final showdown, both "Yu Fung" and "Ngai" was again subjected to the strong light emitted from the box and disintegrated.

    And Wai was able to find the real truth. In the future men would fight each other, wars and crimes will render the world a very ugly place, only with love can people live in peace and a beautiful world. The concept of the power to change the world is just an illusion that is more harmful than helpful.

    Dr Wai in The Scripture with No Words, an Indiana Jones story set in the exciting East. Action packed with a plot full of suspense.

  • Synopsis

    Bruce Lee, The Legend, a documentary featuring his childhood career in Hong Kong, playing the role of a problem child in the urban streets, who was already a gutsy, tough little fighter. Bruce returned to San Francisco when he was eighteen and enrolled in high school again. His passion for practicing Martial Arts never failed and he continued to polish his skills in college. 1964 All states Kung Fu demonstration event, marked the turning point of Bruce. He was invited to the production studio for casting, giving him another opportunity to show off his fist and kicks style, every strike was burst with energy and power, Americans applauded with great admiration. Bruce, then returned to his movie career. Later on he established a Teet Kune Do class attracting many stars to learn and received favorable comments. He later on returned to Hong Kong and made "Big Boss" for Golden Harvest, which impressed the audience with a new style of Martial Arts choreography, rich, red-blooded, extravagant, thrust with speed. Bruce become a legend.

  • Synopsis

    Gong Wei is a Chinese government special agent. He keeps it so secret and leads such a humble existence even his wife Ling, who is terminally ill, and his smart, sensitive son Gong Gu are not aware of his true identity. They are supportive and caring towards him whereas he has to put up with much contempt and misunerstadnding from all the others.

    Gong Wei is sent to work under-cover in Hong Kong, to infiltrate a crime organization headed by Pu Kwang and to investigate serious corruption charges against them. The Hong Kong police is not notified of this mission, thus he cannot count on their help.

    To gain Pu Kwang’s trust, Gong Wei takes on a downtown shoot-out to settle scores with other gangsters. Surrounded by the police, he holds Commissioner Cheng as hostage. Inspector Anita Fong, who has a morbid love affair going for years with Commissioner Cheng, volunteers to take his place. Time and time again she tries to break off this painful relationship, and has finally decided to do so just before this happens. She cannot help but offers herself as an exchange hostage to save him. Gong Wei accepts and tries to get away with her. They are pursued and attacked. Gong Wei does his best to protect Anita Fong. She is impressed with his courage and human behaviour, and believes this masked criminal is no ordinary cold-blooded bandit.

    Commissioner Chen, persecuted by his wife, has to have Anita Fong sent away to China on a mission to investigate Gong Wei. Gong Gu is very upset to hear about his father being a wanted criminal. Schoolmates and neighbours all tease him. Then he receives a call from Gong Wei, with tears in his voice he asks his father if he has broken the law. Gong Wei denies it, and leaves him an emergency contact pager number making him promise not to let on his whereabouts. When Anita Fong approaches Gong Gu and his mother, Gong Gu refuses to cooperate, but the dying Ling confides in her and leaves her the care of her son and a letter to Gong Wei to help him start anew.

    A friendship builds up between Anita Fong and Gong Gu. They move to Hong Kong. Commissioner Chen wants to lure Gong Wei with his son. Anita Fong is furious because throughout the investigation, looking into Gong Wei’s past and his son’s letters to him, she realizes that Gong Wei is not a criminal but instinctively knows he must be a government agent. But Commissioner Chen is determined to go ahead with his plan. Gong Gu feels betrayed and runs away. Gong Wei comes to rescue his son. He has a struggle in the dark with Anita Fong she still cannot clearly see his face and Gong Wei will not identify himself. Anita Fong hands him Ling’s letter just as the police arrives. Gong Wei quickly gets away. During the pursuit, Anita Fong is deeply moved to see Gong Wei weeping as he reads the letter.

    Gong Wei’s real identity is revealed and is badly beaten by Pu Kwang’s gang. He fakes death with a qi-gong technique then flees to Anita Fong’s home to convalesce.

    Gong Gu is safe with Lee Ren, a real estate tycoon who is ready to help. On new year’s eve, Lee Ren takes Gong Gu to his office but they are met with Pu Kwang’s ambush. Gong Gu pages his father. Gong Wei reaches the scene with Anita Fong and a savage combat with Pu Kwang and his gang is launched……..

  • Synopsis

    Wah (Jackie Chan), a country kid who rescues a mafia boss. When he takes over the mafia, he believes it is Lady Rose’s (Gua Ah Lei) roses that bring him good luck, so he buys one from her every day outside his nightclub.

    But Wah and his singer girlfriend Ming (Anita Mui) need a lot more than luck when they find out that Lady Rose is in a jam: Her daughter Belle (Gloria Yip) who is engaged to a millionaire’s son, will be in Hong Kong to discuss wedding plans and to meet with Lady Rose, who has been lying being part of Hong Kong’s high society. It is up to Wah and Ming and all the help they can round up to turn Lady Rose into a real lady.

    While preparing for the engagement party, Police Inspector Ho (Richard Ng) suspects they’re up to no good and starts an investigation. Can Wah and Ming battle the police and a rival gang while planning for a party?